Pulse 260G Treadmill


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The IFI Accredited Run features ideally placed handle bars and extended side hand grips. The low step-up height of just 280mm makes it easily accessible, while the console position is situated to provide optimum comfort when viewed during the workout.


Ergonomically positioned for correct posture during workout, the Run features a ‘quick control zone’ so you can make speed and elevation adjustments without interrupting your workout. These controls also feature a highly visible and centrally positioned magnetic kill cord emergency stop.


Benefiting from a smooth but powerful 3hp (7.5hp peak) motor and running speeds of up to 15mph it will provide unsurpassed workout performance timelessly. Made from highly durable materials the Fusion Run is an ergonomically robust, reliable and low maintenance solution for all gym environments.


The Fusion Run boasts a low impact sprung reversible running surface which helps to eliminate the risk of injury by reducing stress on the user’s back, legs, knees and ankles. The low deck height complements accessibility for all ability levels. The flexible sprung deck helps reduce knee and joint stress, while a self-lubricating belt glides over the deck with ease, significantly reducing wear on the motor.

These units are 2013 models and will undergo a refurbishment process i.e. stripped to bare frame rust treated repainted and parts changed were needed fully serviced and fitted with a new running belt!!

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