Primal Strength Gls Jammer Arms
Primal Strength Gls Jammer Arms
Primal Strength Gls Jammer Arms
Primal Strength Gls Jammer Arms
Primal Strength Gls Jammer Arms

Primal Strength Gls Jammer Arms

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  • Innovative and unique Registered Design allows countless exercises to be performed in a compact footprint.
  • Slide Rail design with UHMWPE bushes lets the user quickly and easily change the height setting without taking the Jammer off the rack.
  • The indexing mechanism allows the user to choose the starting angle of the jammers, solid steel Safety Stop bar lets you lift in safety.
  • The convergent option lets the handles move towards each other (converge) in a natural arc when you want them to, or stay straight when you don't.
  • Sealed bearings and rugged 75mm box section construction with a full commercial 2-year warranty.
  • 110kg Load Capacity (per arm).
  • Pair of multi-grip handles and plate loading pins included.
  • Compatible with all Primal Strength Jammer System accessories.
  • Fits most 75mm x 75mm squat racks with 25.5mm diameter holes.

The Primal Strength Jammer System Convergent Handles take the “Jammer” concept to a whole new level, letting you perform countless plate-loaded exercises from the front of your power rack.

It's like having a full gym of plate-loaded machines in one!

Overhead Press, Squat,  Deadlift,  Lunges, standing rows,  chin-ups, shrugs, dips, lateral raises, upright rows, and countless other exercises are possible; just set the Slide Rail to your desired height, pull the indexing pin to adjust the starting angle of the arms and then load with Olympic plates and get busy.

Add in a Primal Strength adjustable bench and even more, options open up. How about seated converging chest presses, converging seated overhead presses, seated chest supported rows or seal rows? All either one side at a time or both together.

No matter what exercise you're doing, the 75mm heavy gauge box section and sealed bearing units will give a rock-solid feel, the steel Safety Stop bar will provide a safe start and endpoint for every set, and the Slide Rail and Index mechanisms will let you set up for the next movement in seconds.

Whether for your garage gym, PT studio, or as an accessory for your Power Racks in a larger commercial space; if you're looking for massive training variety in the smallest possible footprint, with a 2-year Full Commercial warranty, the Primal Strength Jammer System Convergent Handles are the answer."



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Real top quality equipment and the help from the staff from advising on the equipment to installing was a 1st class service, best of the best

Sam Monaghan

A great company with a great bunch of guys behind the scenes. Friendly and helpful staff that couldn’t be more obliging. Great after sales service. And a top bloke that runs it. Highly recommended

Gareth Elder