Cube P4 (compleate Rig)
Cube P4 (compleate Rig)
Cube P4 (compleate Rig)
Cube P4 (compleate Rig)

Cube P4 (compleate Rig)

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Length:2261mm (89'')
Width:2091mm (82'')
Height:2465mm (97'')
Main Frame:70x70x3mm Box Section
Commercial Warranty:Main frame: Lifetime
Certifications:EN957 and EN ISO 20957


COLOUR OPTIONS: Customise your rig by selecting a primary and a seconday colour from our wide range or frame colours.

CUSTOM BUILD: If you can't quite find what you're looking for, we offer a custom design and build service to ensure your rig meets your exact requirements.

ATTACHMENTS: We offer a large range of attachments that can be added to your rig to maximise the training options and increase the functionality of your frame.

700X70x3 BOX SECTION: Constructed using heavy duty 70x70x3 Box Section that offers a lifetime warranty.

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Optional equipment may affect dimensions.

Actual colours may vary slightly from visuals.