Exigo E60 Power Rack St180 (rack Only)
Exigo E60 Power Rack St180 (rack Only)
Exigo E60 Power Rack St180 (rack Only)
Exigo E60 Power Rack St180 (rack Only)

Exigo E60 Power Rack St180 (rack Only)

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The Exigo E60 Power Rack ST180 is made with 60x60x3mm steel uprights and offers the same features as the E60 Power Rack but provides an easily accessible 180 (1.8m) storage bay capable of holding up to 4 storage trays of your choice to conveniently store various accessories such as kettlebells, dumbbells, gym balls and much more. Ideal for home/garage gyms, small group/personal training, and commercial facilities. This rack includes a pair of Safety Straps and E60 J-Hooks.


CUSTOM STORAGE: Provides a 180 (1.8m) storage bay that offers 4 positions to add storage, a minimum of 2 storage options must be selected.

J-HOOKS INCLUDED: A pair of E60 J-Hooks are included with the base unit. Our heavy duty plastic core provides ultimate barbell protection.

SAFETY STRAPS INCLUDED: A pair of Safety Straps are included with the base unit to provide a safety catch inside of the rack when lifting.

INTEGRATED PULL UP BAR: The top joining arm provides a pull up station on your rack.

60X60x3 BOX SECTION: 60x60x3mm thick square laser cut steel uprights backed by an industry leading Lifetime Warranty.

WESTSIDE HOLE SPACING: 26 points of adjustment with 25mm (1 Inch) Westside hole spacing for precise adjustments.

FREE STANDING: A large stable base allows this rack to be free-standing without the need for permanent fixings. Floor fixing is recommended.


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