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Technogym Element Leg Extension

Technogym Element Leg Extension

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With the Element leg extension you train the thigh muscles from a sitting position. The anatomical shape of the thigh support cushion ensures minimal stress on the knee. The position of performing the exercise can be adjusted while sitting. The range of motion lever activation button adjusts the launch angle from a seated position for easy mounting and dismounting.

The seat and back are shaped to support the spine and help users maintain proper posture during exercise. The fillings in the device envelop the body to provide support where needed.

The device has an optional feature: Smart Pin. It is integrated into the top part of the weight pack and allows you to select additional heavier plates that weigh half the plates in the rest of the pack. This allows you to gradually increase the load.

The anatomical shape of the cushion supports the thighs and minimises pressure on the knee. And the position for performing the exercise can be adjusted while sitting.

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Technogym Element Leg Extension